The Legislative session is in full swing and ends March 8th.

If you want to see a bill pass you must help! There are lobbyists, large organizations, state agency’s that legislators, individuals, and small groups tirelessly work with they need to hear your voice. It must be a grassroots effort to succeed!

HB 216 Farm to Fork

Regardless of the size of a farm they would be able to have an event using the food that they raised or grew.  Other foods could be served as long as the majority of the food was produced on the farm.  They could serve without a commercial kitchen.  Beef, pork, lamb, and goat would be subject to federal regulations.

HB 256 Shell Eggs

This bill will move egg producers with less than 3000 laying hens back to the federal requirements.  It would allow them to sell to restaurants and other institutions that would use them for immediate consumption without inspection or registration.

Domestic Game Slaughter

This bill will remove the requirement that domestically raised game animals be transported to an inspected slaughter facility.  This will provide better access for consumers for healthier meat and a more humane approach to the handling of domestic game.

Changes to the Urban Farm Assessment Act

A tax bill to include more than 1 acre up to 20 acres.  A producer will/can qualify based on $1000 per 1/8 acre under cultivation of a variety of crops.  Currently 5 to 20 acres must qualify under the Farmland Assessment not Urban Framing.

On our bill watch

  • HB 182 Raw Butter & Cream, would be legal to sell at licensed Raw Milk dairies.
  • Local farmers first: a request for $1,019,621: Food Hub, Utah produce incentives, food innovation implementation coordinator, local food purchasing in school meals.  Representative Handy