We Need Your Help!

The Local Food Choice Act

Consumers are increasingly realizing the important difference in foods that are not produced or processed with in the structure of the agriculture complex that is currently our food system. Their voices are finally being heard as new legislation has been proposed an or passed in several states making it easier for local small farms and food entrepreneurs to produce this food and consumers to be able to access it. There will be proposed legislation in Utah in 2018! If you want to see this bill pass you must help! There are lobbyists, large organizations, state agencies that legislators, individuals, and small groups tirelessly work with they need to hear your voice. It must be a grassroots effort to succeed!
The new law would allow homemade and local food to be sold and consumed and encourage the expansion of agricultural sales by the state’s farms and ranches. The bill would give people who make and sell these foods directly to the public an exemption from getting the burdensome mandatory permits, licensing labels, and inspections. Those who sell directly to grocers and restaurants, however, would not be exempt, nor would those selling food across state lines. The new law would allow for eggs and poultry to be under federal guidelines which are much more conducive to small farms and entrepreneurial enterprises giving new young farmers equal opportunity and rural areas the opportunity to thrive. The law would allow consumers to decide for themselves what they want to eat!

How You Can Make This a Reality

  • Like our Facebook page and join our email list
  • Join Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
  • Contact organizations that are supportive, i.e. Weston A. Price, Slow Food, etc.
  • Contact your State Representative or Senator
  • Contact Utah Dept of Food and Agriculture
  • Attend Ag Board Meetings or the Legislative Session in Salt Lake City
  • Find supporters and distribute information fliers
  • Staff an information table at a farmer’s market, conference, or other events
  • Lead the charge to rally people in your area